Is it worth buying property or land with your pension?

Have you ever considered the possibility of using your pension to purchase property or land? With property still being a popular and attractive form of investment, many of our clients look to utilise their pension funds to allow them to purchase an asset that can further support them into their later retirement. A Self-Invested Personal […]

Take control of those pots to plan for a successful retirement

Earlier this year, we took a look at retirement planning. Food for thought, I hope, so perhaps now would be a good opportunity to revisit some of the key areas as a refresher. Often, clients have multiple pots of pensions that they have accumulated throughout their working years. Some, where they have navigated various roles […]

Planning your business exit

When you initiated your business venture, you had carefully curated a plan. As the business has evolved and exploded over the years, you’ve diligently implemented strategies to enhance your products, services, customer base and profits. It logically follows that when you contemplate selling your business, doing so without a well-structured plan becomes illogical. Once you’ve […]

Financial Planning towards the end of the year

Now we are into Q1 of 2024, have you considered how best to maximize the allowances that are available to you? We usually find that the latter part of the tax year presents an opportunity to get your financial ducks in a row and ready for the start of a new tax year. It’s always a good […]